I believe that our biggest responsibility as humans is to continue learning throughout our lives. About ourselves and about the world around us. This blog is an hommage to learning.

I plan on posting twice a week at least. I’ll post about success, productivity, reading, education, simplifying, minimalism, habits, expectations, how we interact with others, and mostly, about learning how to live a better life.

My name is Alejandro Rivera Lara, you can find me on most websites under the username alejoriveralara. I was born in Guatemala City but have been lucky enough to have the world as my playground. I’ve traveled to places as diverse as Brazil, China, South Africa and Russia. I believe life is about the people you meet, and I’m enormously grateful for everyone that surrounds me.

I’m passionate about education. I want to create a much better alternative to traditional education, so that kids find it irresistible to not go to school.

I’m passionate about entrepreneurship. I founded my first company when I was 21 and it made me realise the power of entrepreneurs to solve the world’s big problems.

I’m passionate about music. I’ve been playing guitar since I was 5. To me, music is the most beautiful expression of life.


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